Have you ever asked yourself why you need fog lights for your car? If your driving experience is restricted to the tropics, perhaps you have not had much reason to use your fog lights.

Fog lights are high-intensity lights that are meant to assist a driver to navigate through a fog. They are distinct from your vehicle’s headlights in that they are located lower on your front bumper.

Fog lights are very useful in situations of reduced visibility such as when you are driving through a fog.

They can, however, be a nuisance, especially if used when they should not be. For instance, don’t use them during normal weather conditions where visibility is not hampered. This is because the beam from a fog light can be blinding and distract other road users. In some countries, use of fog lights during normal visibility conditions is a crime, which is why you should go for HID bulbs instead: https://www.diodedynamics.com/h11-hid-conversion-kit.html

There are however situations when using your fog lights is critical. This is especially so visibility is so hampered that you can hardly see a few meters ahead.

When to use fog lights

You should use your car’s fog lights only under the following conditions:

–  When dust and smoke obstruct your vision. But you should switch them off immediately the vision-limiting condition clears. If the cops catch you using them when you should not, chances of getting arrested are very high.

–  If it’s raining heavily, or foggy, and your visibility is impaired. Fog lights are so-called because they were first designed with foggy conditions in mind. Again, remember to switch them off immediately the fog clears.

Apart from the instances described above, avoid using fog lights at any other time. Beaming your harsh lights onto oncoming drivers is not cool. It’s a nuisance and you should not do it when there is no reason to.

Using your fog lights in bad weather conditions does not grant you the license to over speed. Always remember that the road is also slippery during a foggy weather. You are advised to drive slowly as this will give you enough time to see where you are going.

Rear fog lights

Usually, the front fog lights are easily understood by other road users. They understand why you have them on because they also have theirs on.

However, rear fog lights are a different matter altogether. This is because, although they are distinct from your cars tail lights, they are brighter and harsher. Their lights obscure the other rear lights due to their intensity. When you step on your breaks, it may not be clear to the driver behind you that you stepped on the breaks. This can potentially cause a traffic pile-up on the road.

Before you buy a car, ensure that it has both the front and rear fog lights. If either of these is missing, you should consider getting fog lights for your car since you don’t know when you will need them. Sometimes heavy rains can come suddenly when you are on the road. When this happens, your fog lights and windshield wipers will come to your aid in a very big way.