Maintaining the lawn can be fun and overwhelming at the same time. It is fun because your yard gets to look appealing and welcoming to your guests. It can be overwhelming because some tasks may require some level of skill and knowledge. But how much does lawn care usually cost is the ultimate question.

Whether you want to care for your lawn on your own or hire people to do it, cost will always be a factor. Doing it yourself means you will have to make a once-off payment by buying the necessary equipment.

Make a list of all the equipment you think will be necessary to care for your lawn. These are the most common lawn care tools as proven by

* Lawn mower: You can expect to pay anything between $150 and $400 for a brand new lawn mower.

* Leaf Blower: Leaf blowers are a bit cheaper; you can buy them from as little as $18.

Our lists will differ depending on what we have on our lawns. Some lawns are surrounded by trees, others have small flower gardens. These two types of plants may require some level of knowledge to give them proper care.

For instance: if you have the Kiggelaria Africana as part of the trees on your lawn, you should know that they need constant trimming. As the tree grows, leafs sprawl outwards. If they are not properly taken care of they may end up obscuring the view of the house.

With this in mind, you may end up having to buy a chain saw or line trimmer. So, DIY may be good because you only have to buy the equipment once. However, it is also important to remember that you need to have time to care for your lawn. If you are a busy person you may have to consider finding a professional to do the work.

If you want a rough estimate, many companies will charge you anything between $140 and $550 to mow and care for your lawn. The exact amount you will end up paying depends on a number of things.

== Services ==

Different lawns require different services. That is why companies offer different packages. The most common services one can get from a lawn care company include:

* Trimming

* Removals (removal of debris from yard to the dump).

* Mowing

* Edging (sidewalks and driveways)

== Maintenance Intervals ==

Since lawn care is an ongoing process, you will need to decide on suitable maintenance intervals. This also can be highly influences by the sort of plants you have on your lawn.

For instance: trees shed a lot of leafs every day, especially during winter. This means constant cleaning is essential. In this case, you should sign up for weekly services. You can change your packages as the seasons change to get your money’ worth.

So, how much does lawn care usually cost? Will it cost you less if you do it yourself or hire a company? Our answers may differ depending on our lawn needs. However, nothing beats a little research. Consider all the above mentioned factors, get a few quotations from local lawn care companies, you may just find the answer you are looking for.