Many cyclists have chosen to mount their bikes at night without the bicycle tail lights and headlights. This is against regulations in most US states that also require a rear reflector and a headlight be put on the bike. It is also dangerous to lack these items on your motorcycle. Additionally, it is highly recommended for cyclists to use bike lights because as a cyclist you’ll be able to use them when cycling in stormy weather or at dark. Furthermore, during daylight hours you’ll often be able to use the taillights, and flashing front lights for it would assist you to be spotted even at daylight.

ls cycling at night hazardous?

According to the reports, in the year 2010, there were six hundred and eighteen cycling deaths. Nearly a third of these fatalities happened at night between the hours of eight in the evening and four in the morning. Forty to sixty percent of deaths and injuries occur during the night between bicycle and vehicle accidents though much less cycling happens during that period. According to a study report, it revealed that cycling after dark could substantially contribute to the possibility of cycling tragedy.

The study found that forty-seven percent of all cycling deaths happened between the hours of six to six, evening and morning respectively. Only twelve percent of all surveyed cyclists even rode at night. Why are there an inordinate number of cycling injuries and death at night? There are likely two main reasons one is that at night many motorists are known to drive dangerously. This may be due to being intoxicated, inattentiveness or drowsiness. Secondly, they have trouble seeing cyclists at night. These two, point out to why it’s essential to have good bike lights from a store like Unfortunately, many cyclists or a majority of them have inadequate or no bicycle lights.

How do bicycle lights assist?

At least two fundamental reasons are there for you as a cyclist to use lights during the night. First, the area in front of you will be illuminated by the front head light. This would enable you to safely ride for you’ll be able to notice any danger you’ll be coming across. Secondly, bicycle lights will allow you be seen by other people using the same road thus avoiding collision with you. It’s been declared that bicycle riders with lights are more noticeable at night than those at daylight with no lights.

Are these lights too costly?

After spending more money on a cycle, many cyclists may feel like they cannot or choose not to manage another fifty dollars for lights. Think of this, expenses on medical from a bike mishap will far outstrip the fifty dollars. Just the destruction of your bicycle would likely surpass the fifty dollars. Thus the harm to your existence could be lethal.

Should bikes have solid or flashing lights?

There’s been a discussion on whether to use solid or flashing lights. It used to be unlawful in Florida to use flashing lights because it was believed bicycle riders with these lights might be seen to be police or rescue vehicles. Though, some states in the US allow the use of flashing lights while others do not, even in daylight flash tail lights are more efficient for they can warn a car driver of the presence of a bicycle rider who’s far ahead.