Commercial Real Estate in Philadelphia

Whether or not you’re from Philadelphia, it should be well noted that it is one of the more famous cities in our country. The city itself is rich in History and carries its significant weight of history since the dawn of The American Revolution and the birth of our country. Famous tourist sites including the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall (Where the Declaration of Independence was written), The Betsy Ross House (The woman responsible for our nations first flag) and my personal favorite, The Rocky Steps all bring one very important thing that is important for every major city in America.

Tourist bring with revenue and economic flow, sometimes new idea’s through conversation to help flourish the industry even further. All because someone Mr. and Mrs. Whoever wanted to take a trip and visit somewhere, right? Why Philadelphia or any other city in the county that has Historical venues, an interesting night life and world class Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches. So you’re an entrepreneur and want to open up a business and take advantage of what “The City of Brotherly Love has to offer”. You’re going to need a piece of Commercial Real Estate. Somewhere that you can set up shop and make some money. As most folks are in the business of making money know that location is usually everything. Unless you’re somewhere outside of the city and you need to be on point if you want people to come to you. Outside of the city you’re sure to pay less for you’re purchase or lease or rent or what have you. But ultimately inside the city is where you’re going to want to be. Also be ready to be open for business several hours a day just like

What are you selling, what are you’re advertisements? Are you an inspiring florist? Do you have you own recipe for a great craft beer? Think you can make a better Cheese Steak Sandwich than some of the locals? Some great places to go for research are obviously Google is a great start for searching anything but it’ll refer you to websites like,,, and to get you started. You’ll need you’re financing in order and it would behoove you to have an understanding of the city, the demographic and locations of whats going on there on a daily or nightly basis. You’re licensing to serve food and alcohol will need to be up to date and approved by Philadelphia county

After doing some research of my own seemed to have the straight forward answer about opening a business inside of Philadelphia County. Say if you’re opening a bar, club or some other nightly venue. You’ll need to coordinate with them along with you’re commercial real estate agent. biz will give the basics of where you can open you’re establishment, how you acquire you’re licensing and what licenses need to be obtained before getting different ones. Such as you’ll need to acquire a liquor license through the county, but if the county is maxed out on license’s because they only permit 1 license per ever 3,000 residents of the county. You do have the option to buy out another license from a competitive venue that may be shutting down. Also, you can not purchase a license to serve food until you have obtained you’re liquor license. That will set you back $300.00 at the time of receiving the license but if you have a good location then selling more than $300.00 a night worth of food and drink and watching tourist be merry is well worth it.

Do your homework, in what ever venture you wish to pursue. Understand what a demographic is and know what it is before you dive in. Contact a Commercial Real Estate agent, and don’t be afraid to ask questions, lots of questions. If you don’t fell like you can trust them or if something is off. Its ok to refer to another agent. Research the local laws and licensing, city ordinates and zoning regulations are a must. Your agent can tell you everything you need to know.

When you should use hair oil

Have you been wishing to have the lush, shiny, healthy, and long hair, similar to that of your celebrity model? If yes, then it is the time to think of investing in an appropriate brand of hair oil.

What Is Hair Oil?

It is a type of oil that is specially formulated to style, boost air growth, shine, prevent hair fall, and moisturize the scalp. The oil is expressed from organic sources like coconut, Argan, macadamia, almond, baobab, or Kalahari melon seeds.

When Should You Use Hair Oil?

1. You have dandruff

Dandruff is a cosmetic scalp condition marked by white and oily flakes of dead skin on the scalp. Health experts say that fungal infections or dry scalp might trigger the condition.

The problem is rampant in males, people with an oily scalp, or those with certain chronic conditions like HIV infection, and seborrheic dermatitis.

If you have been living with dandruff, then hair oil might be an excellent remedy for you. Most organic hair oils have antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties that prevent the fungi that cause dandruff, as well as moisturizing the scalp to prevent dandruff resulting from dry skin.

2. You want to boost hair growth

Sometimes your hair may fail to grow as expected. It might be due to severe infections, physical stress, hormonal changes, mineral deficiency, aging, or over- styling. In this case, you can use hair oil to boost hair growth.

Three squares oil for hair contains nutrients like vitamin K, Vitamin E, Omega- 3 fatty acids, and Vitamin B. These nutrients work synergistically to improve the health of your scalp and hair shaft, thereby promoting longer and thicker hair growth.

3. Your scalp is extremely dry

A dry scalp is an uncomfortable hair condition marked by a tight and itchy scalp. The condition results from dehydration, or the use of harsh synthetic hair care products, or high heat styling sessions that dry up the scalp.

The use of hair oil keeps the scalp hydrated by increasing its ability to trap moisture, improves skin elasticity, and it boosts cell regeneration.

4. You have a sensitive scalp 

Scalp sensitivity is a chronic condition marked by prickling and burning sensations on the scalp. Moreover, the condition might present with flaky, swollen, and itchy skin. Health experts say that the situation results from fungal infection, lice infestation, dermatitis, use of inappropriate hair care products, and sunburn.

You can manage this condition using hair oils that contain essential nutrients and fatty acids to soothe the sensitive skin.

5. Your hair needs special styling and conditioning

Most hair styling and conditioning products are harmful to your hair’s health when used for extended days. For instance, the regular use of curling irons can make your scalp dry, and your hair brittle.

Similarly, the prolonged use of commercial air conditioning products can lead to protein loss, scalp sensitivity, and hair thinning.

If you want to avoid such issues, then it is the time to condition and style your hair using hair oil. Unlike the commercial conditioners and styling products, hair oil nourishes your hair with the essential nutrients, and it combats issues like scalp sensitivity and hair loss.

Why should you upgrade your headlights to your HID lights

If we want to find out why we should improve our headlights in the HID light we must first see what the headlights are. The primary task of the headlights is the safety of drivers, vehicles and persons involved in traffic. Therefore, all the features, such as the nature and location of the light function on the vehicle, their design, the light source, the color and the photometric values ​​are regulated by the law on traffic.

However, today’s vehicles, as well as everything else in our world, are progressing. We know the following types of headlights:

1. Halogen headlights

2. Full LED headlamps

3. Xenon headlights

In the present time, the front lamps with H3, HB3, H7 and H9 lamps are still enjoying great popularity. Because of the very good price quoted on the market these headlights are still among the most popular on the market.

Why LED lights up?

Because even 35% of drivers threaten traffic. Imagine only dark roads, vinegar or fog which certainly endangers you and the people around you. Such headlights can literally save your life. What about bikers or sandals that can be found on the road? You endanger not only your life but also theirs. Protect the environment and buy yourself this kind of light. Indeed, when we talk about their sustainability and the shelf life of the LED, the light can not be recommended enough. LEDs as a source of light are increasingly present on the market and almost every quality car has LED headlights.

Halogen bulbs consume more energy while LEDs consume much less and have a greater intensity. While for the Xenon bulbs it takes even 20, 000 Volts. Xenon lights are much more expensive, but their quality is worth every cent. You can see all types at

Speaking of the accessibility of such headlights, we know that almost every online site that deals with the sale of car parts is also selling headlights. There is a growing demand for headwinds of this type, since safety in traffic is invaluable.

The only problem that can be answered with Xenon lights is that once wipes stop working. In the case of new cars, the towers should not be connected directly to the existing installation but to the battery. Like all this type of headlights have advantages and disadvantages, but when compared, the advantages are many times bigger.

HID lights, which are often referred to as Xenon lights and halogen, are the most commonly used. HID bulbs are with high drainage technology. Xenon bulbs give much more light than halogen, so the halogen bulb gives 500 lumens up to 700 lumens, and the Xenon covers from 2300 lumens to 2500 lumens. Looking at this way Xenon lights are cheaper. HID illuminates in a literal translation and means high intensity emptying.

Here are some interesting historical facts:

The first halogen bulb was invented in 1983

The first polycarbonate lights were invented in 1986

The first halogen lamp with focal lens was invented in 1990

The first LED third brake light was invented in 1993

Removing optional headlights in selective yellow in 1996

The first serial installation of the Xenon light in 2008

From 1880 to 1900, the Acetylene Light was used, and in 2011, the use of daylight LEDs began. It really makes you wonder what kind of brightness awaits us in the future.

What is a CBD payment gateway

Now in use for medicinal purposes for over five decades, cannabidiol or CBD has proven to be very effective in treating a number or health issues. One of the many products acquired from the cannabis plant, the oil is considered as a ‘super food’ than can help treat a variety of ailments. In addition to promoting overall health and well being, CBD oil can be used in the treatment of anxiety, to counter inflammatory reactions, decrease the risk of blockage of arteries and provide relief from pain.

Thorough research has show the oil to boost hunger in patients suffering from cancer, provide relief to those suffering from Epilepsy, treat functional problems countered in Huntington’s Disease, manage disorders related to slumber, decrease severity of symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis, keep Schizophrenia under control, and treat glaucoma. Unfortunately, the ban on CBD in many states of the US due to some processing factors and unapproved ingredients make it a high-risk business. Only selected merchants ( approved by the US government can legally continue trade of CBD, and the procedure for becoming eligible for legal trade is quite tough. If secret, illegal sale of the product is discovered by bank authorities, closure of the merchant’s account is the immediate outcome.

This is where a CBD payment gateway comes in to provide help in clearing the hurdle of establishing a bank account for business transactions when dealing with CBD. What is a CBD Payment Getaway? CBD payment gateways specialize in this business where much is at stake. While choosing such a service, however, one must be vary of frauds and gateways that charge high processing fees and give frequent chargebacks. You should check the amount the company charges for setup, as well as the fee it takes to transport your product. Lastly, you should find out the cost of every transaction you make through the company. Instead of selling CBD undercover while using fake names and description for your business, CBD payment gateways allow you to be honest and upfront as you deal in cannabinoid products.

Most gateways function by funding banks that support dealing in CBD. In order to look for a payment processing service that supports transactions in the CBD business, you can search the Yellow Pages or classifieds, or browse through the internet to find a variety of options. Other than that, people who are familiar with the business can be asked for advice on which gateway to choose in terms or reliability and cost-effectiveness. If they are not experiencing any issues in CBD transactions, that is a go-ahead signal for you to choose the company they have employed. For further information you can always talk to company representatives who can guide you by providing further details about their services. When taking risks on such a high scale, it is essential to do it the correct way. CBD payment gateways will solve your worries of having an illegal business. With legal transactions through supportive banks, you can earn profit and make millions by investing in the right payment service.

Lawn Care Solutions: How Much Does Lawn Care Usually Cost?

Maintaining the lawn can be fun and overwhelming at the same time. It is fun because your yard gets to look appealing and welcoming to your guests. It can be overwhelming because some tasks may require some level of skill and knowledge. But how much does lawn care usually cost is the ultimate question.

Whether you want to care for your lawn on your own or hire people to do it, cost will always be a factor. Doing it yourself means you will have to make a once-off payment by buying the necessary equipment.

Make a list of all the equipment you think will be necessary to care for your lawn. These are the most common lawn care tools as proven by

* Lawn mower: You can expect to pay anything between $150 and $400 for a brand new lawn mower.

* Leaf Blower: Leaf blowers are a bit cheaper; you can buy them from as little as $18.

Our lists will differ depending on what we have on our lawns. Some lawns are surrounded by trees, others have small flower gardens. These two types of plants may require some level of knowledge to give them proper care.

For instance: if you have the Kiggelaria Africana as part of the trees on your lawn, you should know that they need constant trimming. As the tree grows, leafs sprawl outwards. If they are not properly taken care of they may end up obscuring the view of the house.

With this in mind, you may end up having to buy a chain saw or line trimmer. So, DIY may be good because you only have to buy the equipment once. However, it is also important to remember that you need to have time to care for your lawn. If you are a busy person you may have to consider finding a professional to do the work.

If you want a rough estimate, many companies will charge you anything between $140 and $550 to mow and care for your lawn. The exact amount you will end up paying depends on a number of things.

== Services ==

Different lawns require different services. That is why companies offer different packages. The most common services one can get from a lawn care company include:

* Trimming

* Removals (removal of debris from yard to the dump).

* Mowing

* Edging (sidewalks and driveways)

== Maintenance Intervals ==

Since lawn care is an ongoing process, you will need to decide on suitable maintenance intervals. This also can be highly influences by the sort of plants you have on your lawn.

For instance: trees shed a lot of leafs every day, especially during winter. This means constant cleaning is essential. In this case, you should sign up for weekly services. You can change your packages as the seasons change to get your money’ worth.

So, how much does lawn care usually cost? Will it cost you less if you do it yourself or hire a company? Our answers may differ depending on our lawn needs. However, nothing beats a little research. Consider all the above mentioned factors, get a few quotations from local lawn care companies, you may just find the answer you are looking for.

Key points for bike lights

Many cyclists have chosen to mount their bikes at night without the bicycle tail lights and headlights. This is against regulations in most US states that also require a rear reflector and a headlight be put on the bike. It is also dangerous to lack these items on your motorcycle. Additionally, it is highly recommended for cyclists to use bike lights because as a cyclist you’ll be able to use them when cycling in stormy weather or at dark. Furthermore, during daylight hours you’ll often be able to use the taillights, and flashing front lights for it would assist you to be spotted even at daylight.

ls cycling at night hazardous?

According to the reports, in the year 2010, there were six hundred and eighteen cycling deaths. Nearly a third of these fatalities happened at night between the hours of eight in the evening and four in the morning. Forty to sixty percent of deaths and injuries occur during the night between bicycle and vehicle accidents though much less cycling happens during that period. According to a study report, it revealed that cycling after dark could substantially contribute to the possibility of cycling tragedy.

The study found that forty-seven percent of all cycling deaths happened between the hours of six to six, evening and morning respectively. Only twelve percent of all surveyed cyclists even rode at night. Why are there an inordinate number of cycling injuries and death at night? There are likely two main reasons one is that at night many motorists are known to drive dangerously. This may be due to being intoxicated, inattentiveness or drowsiness. Secondly, they have trouble seeing cyclists at night. These two, point out to why it’s essential to have good bike lights from a store like Unfortunately, many cyclists or a majority of them have inadequate or no bicycle lights.

How do bicycle lights assist?

At least two fundamental reasons are there for you as a cyclist to use lights during the night. First, the area in front of you will be illuminated by the front head light. This would enable you to safely ride for you’ll be able to notice any danger you’ll be coming across. Secondly, bicycle lights will allow you be seen by other people using the same road thus avoiding collision with you. It’s been declared that bicycle riders with lights are more noticeable at night than those at daylight with no lights.

Are these lights too costly?

After spending more money on a cycle, many cyclists may feel like they cannot or choose not to manage another fifty dollars for lights. Think of this, expenses on medical from a bike mishap will far outstrip the fifty dollars. Just the destruction of your bicycle would likely surpass the fifty dollars. Thus the harm to your existence could be lethal.

Should bikes have solid or flashing lights?

There’s been a discussion on whether to use solid or flashing lights. It used to be unlawful in Florida to use flashing lights because it was believed bicycle riders with these lights might be seen to be police or rescue vehicles. Though, some states in the US allow the use of flashing lights while others do not, even in daylight flash tail lights are more efficient for they can warn a car driver of the presence of a bicycle rider who’s far ahead.

Benefits of FPGA Boards


At the highest level, FPGAs are re-programmable chips of silicon. Utilizing blocks of some prebuilt logic
as well as routing programmable assets, you can arrange these chips to actualize custom hardware
usefulness while never picking up a breadboard or even a binding iron. Below are some benefits of FPGA
boards like

1. Performance

Benefiting from equipment parallelism, FPGAs surpass the computing energy of advanced signal processors
by breaking the worldview of consecutive execution and achieving more for each clock cycle. Prominent
experts & benchmarking firms, discharged benchmarks demonstrating how FPGAs can convey more power
per dollar in some applications compared to DSP. Controlling the IIO at the equipment level gives quicker
reaction times and concentrated usefulness to nearly coordinate application prerequisites.

2. Reliability

Since software tools offer a programming condition, FPGA hardware is really a “hard” usage of the program
execution. You will notice that the processor-based frameworks frequently include a few layers of reflection
to help plan errands and offer assets among numerous procedures. The layer of drivers controls equipment
assets while the operating system oversees memory & processor data transfer capacity.

For any given core of processor, just a single direction can execute at a time, & the processor-based
frameworks are persistently in danger of time-basic assignments thus preempting each other. FPGAs, which
don’t utilize operating systems, limit dependability worries with genuine parallel execution & deterministic
equipment devoted to each job.

3. Cost

The NRE cost of the custom ASIC plan surpasses the FPGA-based equipment arrangements. The substantial
introductory interest in ASICs is anything but difficult to legitimize for OEMs shipping a great many chips each
year, yet numerous end clients require custom equipment usefulness for the several frameworks being
developed. The programmable silicon nature implies that one has no manufacturing costs. Since systems
prerequisites are subject to change, the cost of rolling out incremental improvements to FPGA plans is
insignificant when contrasted with the expansive cost of respinning the ASIC.

4. Marketing time

FPGA innovation offers adaptability & quick prototyping capacities even with expanded time-to-advertise
issues. One can test an idea & check it in the equipment without experiencing the long manufacture
procedure of the custom ASIC is later possible to later actualize incremental changes & repeat on
the FPGA plan in hours as opposed to weeks. The developing accessibility of the higher level software
devices diminishes the curve of learning with several layers of deliberation & regularly offers profitable cores
of IP for modern signal processing as well as control.

5. Long-term upkeep

As specified earlier, the FPGA chips are field-upgradable & don’t need that time & cost needed for ASIC. The
digital communication conventions, for instance, have determinations which re subject to change after a
while, and ASIC-based interfaces might lead to challenges during maintenance. Since the FPGA chips are
reconfigurable, they can cope with future changes which might be crucial. As a framework develops, one can
make practical improvements without investing energy making some modifications on the hardware or
adjusting the layout of the board.


The reception of this innovation keeps on expanding as the high level apparatuses advance to convey the
advantages of reprogrammable silicon to the researchers as well as engineers at every level of aptitude.

Servicing your Jewelry

Your jewelry is special to you for many reasons- you might have got it as a gift from your loved ones, or you
might have purchased it out of your hard-earned money. Whatever the reason may be, it is one of your
precious assets, and you want it to keep looking like new forever. But the fact is that even if you take extra
care in handling and wearing it, at some of the points your beautiful jewelry piece will require Jewelry Repair.
Jewelry repair is akin to any other household problem. You don’t wait for minor repairs to become major and
expensive repairs. Your timely action is only beneficial for you in the long run as professional and expert
jewelers repair shop can transform your old, worn and torn ornaments into as good as new condition. Why do
you need to spend a significant amount to purchase new jewelry when there’s nothing much wrong with your
broken piece? Its sheen can be restored, its dents and dings can be repaired at a cost which will not hurt you
as much as purchasing a new one might do.

So, you must be wondering how you can figure out if yourjewelry needs repair or not. You see, any jeweler
can easily tell from the look of his jewelry that it needs repair of some sorts. He is the first person to know
that his ring needs “adjustment” because its sizing has gone too loose or too tight than what it used to be.
When a clasp on your bracelet or chain no longer works, it needs replacement. If your earring keeps falling
off, it probably needs a new back or repairs the old one. In fact, anything that makes the owner think twice to
wear it safely or not can be classified under the category of jewelry repair.

When it’s self-evident to the owner that there’s no use in waiting forjewelry to deteriorate more than its
current condition, he needs to take it to the well-established and reputed jewelry shop for a professional and
precise Jewelry Repair. There are only selected jewelry stores that also undertake jewelry repair work. But
there are exceptions too, with many jewelry stores having a vast experience of nearly 50 years in this
business and it has repaired thousands of jewelry pieces for its customers.

When taking a piece in for service, it is always advisable to bring in any record of yourjewelry’s certification,
such as a diamond dossier or certificate. This will give the repair technician all the details of the piece they
are working on. Most jewelry repair services will evaluate your piece for damages. This is part of providing
maintenance on a piece of finejewelry.

Jewelry repair is best performed by an expert and experienced consultants and smiths so that your prized
possessions are as safe as the house in their secure and skilled hands. Also, the leading stores don’t
outsource repair works to others; all repairs are performed in its on-site workshops while you wait and watch
how your broken piece will be restored to the mint condition.

Add to that, jewelry repair estimates are always free, and it will also be steam cleaned free of charge as you
wait to get an accurate repair estimate.

Why you should get fog lights for your car

Have you ever asked yourself why you need fog lights for your car? If your driving experience is restricted to the tropics, perhaps you have not had much reason to use your fog lights.

Fog lights are high-intensity lights that are meant to assist a driver to navigate through a fog. They are distinct from your vehicle’s headlights in that they are located lower on your front bumper.

Fog lights are very useful in situations of reduced visibility such as when you are driving through a fog.

They can, however, be a nuisance, especially if used when they should not be. For instance, don’t use them during normal weather conditions where visibility is not hampered. This is because the beam from a fog light can be blinding and distract other road users. In some countries, use of fog lights during normal visibility conditions is a crime, which is why you should go for HID bulbs instead:

There are however situations when using your fog lights is critical. This is especially so visibility is so hampered that you can hardly see a few meters ahead.

When to use fog lights

You should use your car’s fog lights only under the following conditions:

–  When dust and smoke obstruct your vision. But you should switch them off immediately the vision-limiting condition clears. If the cops catch you using them when you should not, chances of getting arrested are very high.

–  If it’s raining heavily, or foggy, and your visibility is impaired. Fog lights are so-called because they were first designed with foggy conditions in mind. Again, remember to switch them off immediately the fog clears.

Apart from the instances described above, avoid using fog lights at any other time. Beaming your harsh lights onto oncoming drivers is not cool. It’s a nuisance and you should not do it when there is no reason to.

Using your fog lights in bad weather conditions does not grant you the license to over speed. Always remember that the road is also slippery during a foggy weather. You are advised to drive slowly as this will give you enough time to see where you are going.

Rear fog lights

Usually, the front fog lights are easily understood by other road users. They understand why you have them on because they also have theirs on.

However, rear fog lights are a different matter altogether. This is because, although they are distinct from your cars tail lights, they are brighter and harsher. Their lights obscure the other rear lights due to their intensity. When you step on your breaks, it may not be clear to the driver behind you that you stepped on the breaks. This can potentially cause a traffic pile-up on the road.

Before you buy a car, ensure that it has both the front and rear fog lights. If either of these is missing, you should consider getting fog lights for your car since you don’t know when you will need them. Sometimes heavy rains can come suddenly when you are on the road. When this happens, your fog lights and windshield wipers will come to your aid in a very big way.

Should You Spend More on a Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box?

A self-cleaning cat litter box is one of the many marvels of household technology that you can opt to purchase for your cat, especially if you don’t often have enough time to do the chore yourself. But while it is easy to hop on the bandwagon, it’s important to consider whether a litter box of this variety is really the best option for you. Should you spend more on a self-cleaning cat litter box?

Automatic litter boxes have a fairly simple operation. They run on a motor and run on an electric power socket, and usually make use of a rake or similar device that scoops and sifts through the litter to clean out clumps of waste into a separate area in a corner of the box for throwing out later.

Most boxes contain a sensor that automatically detects when a cat gets into and climbs out of it, and will begin operation after a set amount of time has passed since a cat has left the box. They usually also contain a kind of failsafe that will detect when a cat remains in the box so that the rake does not start up until the cat leaves.

Benefits of a Self Cleaning Litter Box

  1. Decreased Cleaning Time. The most obvious of the benefits is that you will spend less time cleaning out your cat’s litter box. This is a great option for those who are regularly busy throughout the day and don’t have the time to fully clean a normal litter box daily.


  1. Less Smell. The wafting odor of cat waste that hits you in the face after a long day of work can be the least warm welcome. With a litter box that regularly cleans itself and scrapes off the waste into a closed off receptacle, the stench will be contained and you won’t feel embarrassed by an unexpected guest catching a whiff of the box.


  1. It’s Great for Longer Absences. Cats are pretty independent, but what if you have to go on a trip for a few days and have no one to care for your pets? Self-loading food bowls are easy to get, but many overlook the possibility of an automatic litter box that can better tide a cat over till you come home.


Potential Downsides of a Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

While there are no real downsides to a self-cleaning cat litter box, there are some things you will have to consider.

  1. Acclimation. Virtually no automatic litter box is quiet when in operation. Whether the noise is a silent humming or a louder chugging as the motor starts, a cat may be frightened by the sounds and refuse to use the box at first. As such, you will have to slowly and gradually acclimate your cat to the box before they can use it without feeling scared or nervous.


  1. It’s Not Fully Self-Cleaning. No automatic product can run completely on its own. Most automatic litter boxes still need some daily maintenance. You will have to clean out the waste area of the litter box, occasionally level the litter inside, and sometimes rake through extra clumps that are left behind.

Should you buy a self-cleaning cat litter box?

Only you know best whether your lifestyle truly requires an automatic litter box. If you’re busy often and find that waste is piling up by the time you get the chance to clean out your cat’s litter box, it may be the right choice. Either way, make sure you purchase a box that has the features you need and works with the type of litter you prefer to use!